I want you to meet my son, Nathaniel

Nathaniel flashes one of his best smiles.

I have a good looking son. His name is Nathaniel Harris Nalcot and he just turned three yesterday. He was a very jolly boy, sometimes hyperactive, moody, but he’s always a source of joy for me and my wife Emelliana. He always have questions to ask about just anything.

His curiosity triggers all of that I guess. Like one morning when I brushed my teeth he asked me about what I was doing. I told him I am brushing my teeth.

Then he asked me what I was holding in my right hand and putting inside my mouth. I explained to him that it was a toothbrush and what I am doing is cleaning my teeth and mouth. He flashes one of his best smiles and it was infectious.

It was always like that since he learned to start talking. I do not find it annoying but I had to lengthen my patience in some occasions. I am making sure I had the right answer to his every question.

I know it is a good sign when toddlers ask so many questions. That means they were eager to know and have that desire to learn. And the more curious they become, the more they would learn.

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