What everyone should know about fatherhood

Spending quality time with my son.

Fatherhood, for me, is a gift that comes with love and understanding. He may not be perfect (as no one’s perfect), but what he lacks in perfection he sure will make up for in his unconditional love and an eagerness to make you understand in spite of all the flaws and to always think of ways how he could have done it better. It took me a very long time to understand it all what I had with my father until I became a father myself. I felt so special and blessed nurturing this wonderful gift of fatherhood from God.

To become a father is to discover, or rather, re-discover yourself through your children, but not without the challenges and tests you have to take and overcome along the way. It is a process by which you have to allow yourself to fully commit with and from, and spend more quality time with your kids and wife.

It is, of course, all about commitment, sacrifices, and responsibility. In return, you will experience joy, love, and a good sense of self.

Fatherhood should not stop from where its function has been proven best already. It must continue to provide people with a new sense of understanding the subject. It must evolve, change throughout, but only for the better.

A good father should take the lead, and to the best of his ability, to guide and direct his own family. He must be a loving husband, having known that the foundation of a family lies in the relationship he has with his spouse. He does things that encourage each member of the family to participate in the creation of a positive family culture.

This and more will make a good father. But let me remind you he is far from being perfect. There are times he gets things messed up, behaves badly, and moody. And these are why fatherhood is a means by which you can do something to improve yourself for the benefit of everyone involved.

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