Nathaniel’s first five years of life will have to make a difference

Nathaniel was about to enter the Basilica del Sto Nino de Cebu church in this picture.

The question as to when does the specific time a child begins learning new things has become the subject of debates for many. Child experts said that a child is already capable of learning something while still in the womb and that the first years of his or her life could have significant impact to his or her lifelong growth and development.

Of course there are lots of factors to count on leading to a child’s growth and development. But the way you nurture your children in their earliest years, in my humble opinion, will be crucial for their intellectual, emotional, and social development. Nathaniel’s first five years of life will have to make a difference.

It was one gloomy Sunday afternoon when I found myself wrestling with an idea. Watching my little boy walked through the concrete pavement that led to the main door of one of the oldest of Philippine churches, the Basilica del Santo Nino de Cebu, with a backpack as if he was heading for school, and his mother keeping an eye on him so he would not be lost in the crowd, I already know how to portray about what I was thinking at that very moment.

I took a shot of my son using my cellphone camera. That was it, the Eureka to my not-so-long-ago query. That picture has become one of my simple depictions for learning.

A parent’s or guardian’s hand is steering the little child towards the right path which was represented by the light-colored pavement in contrast to the darker shades surrounding it. Along the way, the child will experience an influx of knowledge through interactions with different kinds of people, ideas, circumstances, and events as represented by the walking human lower legs facing him.

Whatever the outcome, learning is when a child develops the ability to learn on his own. The first five years of life is important: early interactions and experiences don’t just create a context but, most importantly, directly affecting the brain’s development as well.

Yet, these dictate not what your child will become. But they serve as the foundation for what he or she will be very best at doing later into his or her life.

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