How to become a better parent

Nathaniel shares quality time with his mama.

Ever since Nathaniel, my firstborn and only child, was born I was never the same again. Fatherhood has taught me many wonderful things and it has never stopped from there. Each passing day has become a new learning experience for me, a new way to improve, and an opportunity to express unconditional love and compassion.

Becoming a parent is, of course, never an easy task. In fact, it’s one of the toughest and most important jobs in the world. As a parent, you have got to be more patient. You have got to truly understand. You have got to love unconditionally. You have got to take responsibility for your actions and learn from past mistakes.

Becoming a parent is how you would treat yourself in the first place. You have to feel comfortable how it is like being a parent and understand why it was so. You have got to commit by and through it. It is through this commitment that you would be able to learn to take care of yourself and to stay focused so you can become the best parent that your child deserves.

Another one to consider is to keep in touch with reality. You have to accept the fact that there are no perfect parents in this world in the same way that there are no perfect children. Children will make mistakes. You make mistakes too. But that’s okay. For every mistake you’re making, it’s okay to offer yourself total compassion and to apologize to your child. Take such a mess into a learning experience that will lead both of you to doing things better next time.

Be a good role model to your kids. Stay connected by spending more quality time with your spouse and kids. Teach your children good manners and right conduct. Introduce him or her to the worship of a God as early as possible into his life. Empathize with their emotions. Listen to what they say as well as what they’re not saying.

When your child commits mistakes or disobeys you, it is important to substitute punishment with guiding words. Talk it out to your child in a positive way and make him or her understand why it was important to be obedient. This is where your patience as a parent should also prevail.

This and more will, for sure, make you a better parent. I’m not saying I’m a flawless one because I’m sharing these things to you. But I always felt like, as a parent, I could do a better job. And, each time, in a quest to become a better parent, it will always take me back to how I treat myself.

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