Reflecting on Saint Joseph’s model of fatherhood

Reflecting on Saint Joseph_Fatherhood
One of our family pictures. Nathaniel was two years and four months old when this picture was taken.

Saint Joseph, the spouse of Mary, should be looked upon by all Roman Catholics or even non-Catholics alike, as the best example of a human father at its finest. Although he was not the natural father of Jesus, his marriage to Mary became the juridical basis for his brand of fatherhood the world would come to know. This union became increasingly important as the love of husband and wife will find its most complete expression in the conception of their child.

He willingly accepts the challenge while remaining as faithful a husband as he can be to his wife. Of course, it will not be an easy task for him. There are lots of storms he will have to weather on a daily basis. The following are some of the many best qualities Saint Joseph possessed making him a model for fathers:

  • He was a model of humble practice of obedience.
  • He was best in his silences and even better through the hidden life of hard work he was leading.
  • He was able to rediscover the value of simplicity, obedience, trust, and respect.
  • He was a good spouse.
  • He was a loving father.
  • He knows how to rule the family and to serve it.
  • He was a man of faith.
  • He was a gentle, loving man.
  • He was a protector of the family many considered as the original cell of social life.
  • He was the first guardian when the family’s safety is in great jeopardy.
  • He was a good follower.
  • He obeyed what God wanted him to do without complaining.

A lot more could be said about the good qualities Saint Joseph possessed worthy of praise and emulation. His examples of fatherhood were for the dads of all ages, and for all time to come, to ponder about. It has to shed some light on the role of a father with all its joys and responsibilities where the murky waters of a society that helped promote the collapse of a family were.

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