Six simple ways every father can do to build a peaceful and happy home

In the children’s play area inside a mall. Nathaniel was a little less than two years old in this picture.

To have a peaceful and happy home life is every family man’s dream. A wise father knows that it is not about the absence of problems, conflicts, and challenges. It is not about walking away from your responsibility to the children you were generating.

Rather, it is about facing each one of them, one problem at a time. You have got to be proactive, find solutions to a problem, learn from every mistake, and to try your best to promote love and create peace in the home. That has been my dream, too. But I know it will take time to achieve that and there’s a lot of work to do in the process.

Fatherhood has taught me many things from day one and I know there’s still a lot more to learn from it along the way. I’m blessed to have a good looking son in Nathaniel, but this role of fatherhood I will consider as a gift that comes with responsibility. Anyways, here are six ways I’m learning from personal experience on what every father can do to build a peaceful and happy home:


It should start from you. You should be the person you are happy, contented, and peaceful to be with. You are responsible for everything you would like to see. So that when you’re feeling down, defeated, or lacking sense of hope within, you’re projecting the same thing to the world and back to you.


If you can combine the toughness of the drill sergeant and the tenderness of a nurse in your own person, then that’s it. Once you’re through with it, it will be easy for you then to combine the strengths of these two characters while making every mistake a learning experience.You have to possess the toughness of a master while, at the same time, you’re also capable of showing the loving affection of a father to your children.


This does not always mean that each member of the family will be getting the same thing or have a uniform treatment. But it could as well mean that every family member will be treated according to his or her particular needs.


By taking time to listen to other people’s needs, you’re opening the door that leads you to a higher form of understanding. This sensitivity towards the needs of others is the foundation of a peaceful community which, of course, begins in the family.


A peaceful and happy home is not like a work of magic. It’s not like a mushroom that grows in full swing overnight. There are always problems to solve, conflicts to iron out, and relationships to repair.

You have got to be realistic in your approach but as well an optimistic one. A wise father learns to accept these facts about family life. You should know that you have a responsibility to wade in, problems to solve, and a real forgiveness to offer to those who have done you wrong.


It has been said that a family that prays together, stays together. You should, therefore, make your own family a community of prayer. In praying, though, you have to make it as natural as it can be. If you can make it short but sincere, is better. Remember, God already know what your needs are before you can even start praying it all to Him.

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