How a hammock really has changed my perception of the world

Nathaniel drinks his milk comfortably in a hammock.

Nathaniel has never tried to lay on a hammock until he was three years old while we were on a long vacation in my hometown where the air was cool and fresh and lovely during sunny days. My father might have thought it would be a nice idea to hang a hammock located just a few steps from our old house in the province under the shades of kakawate trees, and a nearby kaimito, just so he could spend more comfortably of his siesta hours.

I’ve been in a hammock several times already, but seeing my own son in it now really has changed my perception of the world. The reason why I didn’t introduce hammock riding during his first three years of life was that I’m afraid he might fall down to either side or that he would suffocate when pulled to a particular position. But little did I know Nathaniel likes it so much in a hammock.

I could see he really feels at ease or relaxed with my every swinging of it like a pendulum clock on the wall. Nathaniel, who was lying comfortably in a hammock one afternoon, shifts his gaze towards the rustle of the kakawate trees as if to show he was sensing the difference between naturally produced sounds and motorcycles passing by.And just when he’s done drinking his milk on a plastic bottle, he dozed off. Life is better, I would like to believe, in a hammock; it was a combination of a lot of comforting things in one package.

Although I have learned from what other people are saying about it: that it is all about just turning the safety net to lull able-bodied people into complacency and dependence. I saw something else about it this time around.The ordinary hammock could become a simple starting place for your wanting of a more love in your life, relaxation, intimacy, and oneness with nature.

It’s about the appreciation for having experienced the peaceful, simple, but beautiful life. A multi-colored threaded hammock my son laid upon on that spur of the moment, in that swinging of a pendulum like movement, along with a burst of cool fresh air, started to beat in rhythm inside my heart.

I have felt such a great need to sway and to snuggle to the rhythm of love for my son, and for as long as I can. This hammock thing really has, for one thing, changed my perception of the world for the better.

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