Fatherhood Is the Vehicle that Protects and Empowers Women

Protects_empowers women
Nathaniel at a little less than two weeks old.


Just like what fatherhood is to a man, motherhood as well is the woman’s most important calling. When God created the first human beings in the persons of Adam and Eve, He gave each one of them an equal personal dignity along with inalienable rights and responsibilities proper to the human person. Women are not second-class citizens as what some social and other cultural traditions would have them considered.

But they exist because they have a very important role to play for the future of the human race and the world. Fatherhood should be the vehicle to protect and empowers this role played by a woman.

When my wife was still pregnant with our firstborn Nathaniel, I have come to fully understand how much she has totally sacrificed during this prenatal period. It is something that no man can do or perform. A woman’s body is especially designed to house a life and every little thing that must be linked for the survival of this little life inside her womb is directly through her. In that sense, she’s special.

Nathaniel’s birth served as the fulfillment of our union as husband and wife in his person. He was the greatest gift we can give each other. His presence transformed us. It is all about a calling to a new level of self-sacrifice as we became father and mother now from what was just a husband and wife.

All women are called to embrace motherhood. It is a woman’s most important calling. It has to start in a relationship between man and wife. It is about living the life of sacrifice. It has to be chosen.

A woman should choose motherhood. And through this miracle of conceiving a child or housing a life inside her womb that she’s able to transfer to her child all her bodily resources. This new life God has given her develops a sense of value and infinite worth as well as a sense of personal identity.

Once a woman learns to accept the gift of the child, it makes all the difference for whatever else she will be doing in her life. This affirmation of the child is a special mark of the woman’s personality. A father figure should be there to support and to make the picture complete. Fatherhood is the vehicle that protects and empowers a woman.

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