What is a good parent

What is a good parent_fatherhood
Nathaniel chats with his mother during an early morning walk at the park.

Children are great imitators. They imitate much of what is feeding up their senses. Parents should be more aware of the fact about the important role they have to play before their kids. They are their prime models; something by which they can mirror everything upon.

Of course, there’s no such thing as perfect parents just as there are no perfect children as well. But there are lots of good parents out there making a difference from the way they have raised their kids, cared and spent time with them. But what, in fact, is a good parent? A good parent:

  • Can be seen smiling even when he’s dog-tired or missing a good night’s sleep.
  • Laughs at simple jokes or even cracks a joke himself.
  • Softens discipline with kindness.
  • Shows love in actions and in words.
  • Celebrates special moments and makes small things count.
  • Acknowledges the flaws about his children and still love them anyway.
  • Accepts the fact that he can’t always fit all of his children into the mold he wanted each of them to be.
  • Is there when his children need him the most, and to distance himself when they need to have some space.
  • Shows interests in his children’s works and encourage them to do well.
  • Is patient and kind.
  • Understands fully about his role as a parent.
  • Motivates his children in a positive way.
  • Introduces his belief to his children but respects their freedom of choice as well.
  • Could sometimes mean a B M U: Big, Mean, and Ugly.

As long as parents show their love in actions and in words as a way of caring for their children, children can only benefit a lot positively. They will, for sure, be able to radiate the same love and care they have acquired and seen from their parents. Their self-esteem will get a boost as a result of that as well. I think that is what will make a good parent.

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