Some thoughts on how to bring out the best in your kids

My wife created this artwork herself for our son Nathaniel. She sometimes uses artwork as one way of motivating our son by telling him inspiring stories based on the drawing.

The keyword is “motivation” because, whether you agree with it or not, every child is motivated by something. But the big question mark is, as a parent, how do you motivate your kids? Or, to use a paraphrase, what you can do to bring out the best in them?

In motivating children, it is of great importance for the parents to identify the areas in which their kids are achieving. It is about establishing and maintaining what is high but realistic expectations in the first place. You have to make an honest assessment about your children. You have to fully understand every little facet of their personality, temperament, and capabilities.


Parents play a big part in sustaining, encouraging, and providing their children with a sense of a healthy perspective of the world, life, and of everything. Of course, you may fail in this particular area as a parent but you have to do something and prove to yourself that even in your mistakes you can be a good role model. Your willingness to admit your own faults and learn from them is what matters.

Sometimes, while trying to be helpful to your children, you reveal your true expectations through negative suggestions and this can destroy their motivation while yet in its budding stage. Once you are suggesting something negative, it was a prelude to negative thinking. Negative thinking, as often the case, breeds negative behavior.

By simply replacing the negatives with encouraging thoughts and expressions, you are doing the right thing that allows them to have a healthy view of themselves. You don’t have to excessively push them beyond their limits just so they can have the things you want them to achieve for themselves. Instead, help them to understand that, in every new experience they encounter, mistakes or a failure are a natural part of the process of learning, growth, and life.


You may have asked yourself about it several times already and you would only get a lot of related answers. What, in fact, is parenting? It is the process by which a mom or a dad raise his or her children from infancy to adulthood. These are being expressed in a form of commitment, unconditional love, responsibility, sacrifice, or a combination of all of these things and many more.

Sure, taking care of your children in your own best way possible answers it once and for all. But there is something more to parenting than just like that.

It is not enough that you are just a parent who will do everything for the best of your children. It is not enough that you’re making successful individuals out of them, something you can be most proud of as a parent. It is not enough about you bringing out the best in your kids.

Parenting is about building a relationship with your children that can stand the test of time. It is about learning to love them unconditionally in such a way that it is also about learning to let go when all they want is independence and can stand on their own two feet. It is, above all, raising your children to leave you.


It is not the purpose of this writing to mislead everyone into thinking that a parent-child relationship is simply predictable.  It is not to suggest that it is too complicated either. Bringing out the best in your kids is not about blaming parents for the difficulties their children may be having.

It is rather aimed at helping parents understand who they are, discover their children’s greatest potentials, while, at the same time, harnessing their parenting skills. Of course, it is to follow within the context of an informed awareness of how children usually grow. One of the best ways parents can support their children is by validating how they feel about themselves, who they are, and what they can do.

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