Fatherhood Explained In Three Hundred words

Nathaniel and me sharing a happy moment together as father and son. This picture was taken sometime in 2014.

Fatherhood is a transformational process by which a man takes the opportunity to live outside his own skin. It affords him to develop a sense of selflessness, putting aside his own needs and to only think entirely of the well-being of another. This connection happening between a man and his own child, as he holds the baby in his arms, is a picture that can be expressed best in poetic, metaphorical terms.

They are like a planet and its satellite positioning in the same orbit together, maintaining such a cosmic connection with which this new form of life was born. The father will come to know, and by the realization of such a fact, about the connectedness inherent in every person and such a circumstance of the birth of every form of life is but a reflection of the mechanics of the universe. This experience enables him to see the line that connects him to his son in such a way that is too sensitive to the processes that include them both in the same system.

In his heart and mind, a father makes room for the birth and the life he has called into being. The child becomes many things to him. But as he learns to adopt this new way of feeling towards consciousness, he will see his own child becoming an emissary from the conscious universe and as one he can learn a lot from.

The father can only marvel at how much his little child taught him to understand about the creative energy that unites all of life. Connection is the key and maintaining such a connection has become increasingly important. Sure, fatherhood is a gift every child can give and his birth originates from the cosmos itself to experience fully the reality of his wholeness.

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