Keeping an eye on what matters

THE EYE. A sketch I made using crayon pastels on a white bond paper.

A few days after Nathaniel turned three years old, I reflected on the way I have raised him and the many things I would be learning yet in the process as a parent. How was my relationship with my son going on? Have I done something heroic, worthy of recognition?

I am aware of the many things that can link me back to my child, my wife, and family. Just like what happened three years ago when he was born, I fell in love with him. Holding him in my arms for the first time, this lovely and mysterious creature patterned after my own, signaled the beginning of my exploration to the world of parenting.

This new role has given me the opportunity in acquiring a new layer of identity as I accept the challenge in taking care of this little soul who will come to know me as a parent. From that moment on, each passing day is about gathering the energy I will need to wake up more fully to life. I am aware of these wonderful things happening in my life.

But what did I actually know about parenting? Is there any specific method I need to know and apply it with my own child? How can I do the best possible job of meeting his individual needs while, at the same time, passing on the values I consider most important to him?

I am aware of this need of giving a new vision of parenting where both the parent and child can learn wisdom from each other as they come to experience strong connection together and to that which is greater than their own. It has to base from the special bond established between the parent and his child, so to speak. I can discover things I don’t already know about my son, if I keep my eyes open and on what matters.

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