Twenty important questions every parent must answer concerning his children

Here’s an illustration to simply explain my own Theory of Connectivity.

Parenting is one of the most important jobs in the planet, notwithstanding the fact that it is also one of the most challenging. Parents shape the future of the world through these young generations of souls they were mentoring. It is the job of parents to help their children evolve into their fullest potentials and to serve their own purposes.

The art of raising motivated, responsible children should be understood as a continuity of the expression of the laws of the universe and that the parents themselves participate in such a cosmic order, whatever they can contribute, to what the universe is trying to do. In that sense, parenting is more than just the biological aspect of taking care of children but, in its highest form, to also participate in the creation of God and the laws governing it. Parents should be able to see and recognize the fact that we’re all coming from the same cosmic act of creation.

In nurturing kids, the parents should be able to find ways in channeling their children’s natural energy and curiosity into positive, motivated, and productive learning experiences. The connection that a parent can establish to his children is crucial to the expression of understanding their highest purpose. But how can one become a better parent? It is a good move on your part to evaluate yourself by starting to answer the following questions:

  • Will I be an encouraging parent to my children as they come to experience new things and explore the world?
  • Will I be supportive in their ability and freedom to think on their own?
  • How will I manage anger and conflict happening between them and me?
  • In what way will I be able to help validate my children’s way of thinking and perceptions?
  • Will I be able to mirror their communications clearly and turn them into a vehicle that leads to better understanding?
  •  In what way will I be able to help them get the freedom of being just themselves?
  • Can I be a good role model to them?
  • Can my children count me in to support their expression of feelings?
  • Will I be consistent in serving as a good role model to them?
  • Can I pay attention to their needs and answer each one of them?
  • In what way will I be able to connect to my children effectively?
  • How will I be able to deal well with failures and frustrations?
  • Will I be able to help them experience joy and the importance of having fun together?
  • Will I be able to successfully provide them with clear boundaries and to set limits that reinforce their sense of safety and support?
  • In what way will I be able to successfully convince them about the existence and worship of a God without pressuring them?
  • Will I be able to motivate them in a positive way?
  • In what way I’m going to make them feel my unconditional love for them?
  • How will I overcome my own fears?
  • How will I respond to criticisms?
  • How ready am I in letting go of my beloved children when all they want is independence and can stand on their own two feet?

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