Random thoughts on reading, storytelling and the expression of words

This artwork my wife created has a thousand words for a story she can tell while our three-year-old son attentively listens.

I always felt encouraged to find a good book I can read to my three-year-old son. Reading a story is something that most people come to enjoy, and it’s interesting to know how such a simple act can benefit young children a lot. Normally, kid’s curiosity is one driving force for them to like to hear stories and its best when they can get them directly from their parents.

Storytelling, when done in a creative, interesting way so that young children will come to like it, can make their everyday experience as enriching as it can be because they will be introduced to a vast new range of things, ideas, and places. It is through such a way that we’re able to not only feed their natural thirst for knowledge, but as well to connect to them more strongly each time. It serves as the window to a world larger than their immediate environment.

Our most important thoughts and feelings can be likened to a black and white portrait of an unknown man hanging on the wall of a dilapidated building that’s going to be demolished, if we missed to paint them with words. Words give colors to our expressions, a glow. Words matter because they reflect our children’s emotional well-being as well as in holding the power to enhance it.

Reading is a habit that was, in itself, an essential exercise for the mind. It magnifies one’s vocabulary especially in young children by expanding the brain through multiplication of brain connections and neural pathways. Our kid’s ability to learn, enjoy, and effectively use language can be linked to how their auditory processing skills are working and the habit of reading is one way we can help them as they undergo such a particular stage of development. It has become, when we successfully instill such a love for reading upon our childen, an incredibly important part of the literacy equation.

Of all the things I’m addicted to do and getting routinely comfortable with, it was the habit of reading I found hardest to break. Of course, writing and reading is an inseparable pair so I had to include them both on the same spot. What became my most important passion today has actually just started as a pastime favorite in my preschool years.

It was my father who laid the groundwork for what will become my lifelong love affair with books. I wasn’t even reaching the age of five yet when I read, for the very first time, books my father has bought for me. They were introduced so very early into my life that I was already learning to read when I should have been busy spending my time playing games with peers.

I honestly did not instantly come to like the idea of reading books when it was first introduced to me. Back then, reading was one of those boring things I had to deal with patiently. But that was only temporary.

Books with an accompanying eye-catching illustration are truly captivating, while reading has become incredibly important as a primary way children learn about how people interact with each other and the way they react to a particular thing or issue. It adds to what will just describe reality. It continues to thrive and blossoms on me.

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