Reflections of a father

Sharing a precious moment with my then two-year-old son in this painting-inspired photo.

To become conscious is to undergo a never ending process of self-awareness. It gradually takes place, though, in the way you learn to observe your own actions. You learn to make distinctions between your behavior and the results you so desire.

This kind of awareness becomes the tool that allows you to take notice of the discrepancies directly or indirectly taking you into account. You will become the more of the self-reflective kind of person. To change the way you react to other people, according to you, should base from the information and insight you’re being fed up with.

You learn to discover that, as a way to react better to such a rising need, becoming less-absorbed and less preoccupied with fears are the main ingredients. You feel like you’re chasing after such a strong desire for you to change, from the inside out, which opens your door to a more conscious way of how you can relate to and with others. But then, deep inside, you were able to take into consideration about the realization of a fact that information alone is not enough to transform you into the conscious person you want to see in yourself.

You begin to realize that life, indeed, is short. Everything is temporary and permanent, at the same time. What is going to come has already been happening a long time ago. What you’re experiencing in your life today someone else is going to experience the same in the future.

It’s like a cycle, all that you’re going to experience constitutes to what is both defined as beauty and temporariness. In that sense, one of the most beautiful things you can experience is to evolve. You will know that you are still on your way to discover something new about you.

It dawns upon you, as you went to reflect on your son’s childhood, that his childhood is no different than the one you had although it has to be different in many a way. But overall, it’s the same transformational process a person must undergo before everyone’s eyes and to remind them that time is, indeed, precious. You can only reflect on how your own father felt the same way about you as you took your journey to manhood.

You will be keeping in mind, too, just like what your own father may have done, that such a beautiful time, when you’re at the center of your son’s universe, won’t be forever. But you can only reminisce the time you were given such an awesome privilege and responsibility of raising children. There’s no way you can fail, if you’re a conscious parent, to appreciate such an opportunity offered before you.

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