Why is reading aloud to your baby so important

Nathaniel joins his mother in reciting a prayer in a booklet. He was two years and five months old when this picture was taken.

According to a study, babies can benefit a lot from a daily dose of read-aloud session or activity. Let me say it again with emphasis on the word “daily” which means it must be made a habit or a routine. Spending time to read aloud to your baby every single day can have significant impact on his emotional, sensory, physical, and mental development.

Parents have a very crucial role to play in laying the building blocks that form their child’s language and literacy foundation. A baby’s brain is equipped with everything that is capable of absorbing enormous amounts of information. New technologies are making it more possible for us to experience the incredible wonders of human infant development starting from prenatal stage.

Scientists have found new evidence that a seemingly passive baby is, when it comes to brain activity, more active than adults. They have also stressed the fact about the importance of the first two years of a baby’s life as the most critical for his future language development. The following are the benefits a baby can get from parents who make it a habit reading aloud to their toddlers:


Despite the fact that each language is unique or different, babies from all over the world quickly learn and become experts of their mother tongue. This was made possible through the power of listening. It is a critical skill in the formation of language.

One of the most basic survival instincts for all life forms is communication. It is advisable that parents should start talking to their baby even before his or her birth and also after that most especially in the first three years of life. Parents will surely notice how intently newborn babies listen.


Parents have a significant role to play in providing the quantity and quality of language necessary for their child’s academic success. In talking to your babies, it is recommended that you have to use more complex language that includes a variety of verbs, adjectives, and nouns. Asking your child questions is also encouraged and to follow his or her lead by talking about whatever he or she is saying or babbling to further expand the conversation.


Reading aloud to your babies each passing day is the best way to help develop attention and memory. There is a strong connection in the ability of a child to pay attention and to remember. The logic to that is simple: you can’t remember what you don’t pay attention for in the first place.

A baby’s brain is more than capable of concentrating intensely, searching and scanning everything he or she comes in contact with in order to get information and meaning. If this special ability of a child to pay attention is left undeveloped or not nurtured from day one, you are teaching your child just the opposite of it which is all about having a divided attention. Child experts said that at around eighteen months to two years, your baby is already capable of remembering all the words in a book after only a few readings.

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