What fitness really can do to your child’s learning and why should it be a big issue to you as a parent

PHYSICALLY FIT AND HEALTHY. At three years and three months old, Nathaniel is at his best shape and form.

According to studies, children who exercise regularly perform better in their schoolwork than those who are not physically fit. But what really is the connection between the condition of the body and learning is something every parent worth thinking about. As a role model to your child, he takes to shape his vision of how he should act from what he sees you do.

If you’re showing your child the value of fitness by jogging, swimming, brisk walking, and so on and so forth, he will be learning early in life that fitness activity is what important people do. And that’s because you are so important to him. Exercise should be something you considered very important to your own self-concept; it becomes important to your child’s self-concept as well.

A research conducted just recently shows clearly that children’s self-concept can be increased by increasing their physical fitness. To have a good self-concept is important because there is a strong relationship between a positive self-concept and good achievement in school. That is one important way how fitness can influence school achievement or learning.

Fitness is, according to the experts, the ability of the body to supply oxygen to the muscles and the ability of these muscles to use oxygen efficiently for work. Once the muscles get enough supply of oxygen and the muscles use that oxygen well while a person is working or playing, it will become an abundant source of energy a person may need to do his or her work well. This healthy exchange of oxygen can be developed through regular exercise, enough rest, and healthy food.

A sedentary lifestyle is anti-fitness and anti-health. Inactivity can lead to failure of the lungs and muscles to develop in order to have the capacity for good oxygen exchange. One would likely be feeling tired or sluggish as a result of not having sufficient exercise. Not getting enough rest as well can prevent the muscles from replenishing their needed oxygen.

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