How to tell your child what he needs to know about you know what

Nathaniel shares a quality time together with his mom.

As a father to a three-year-old son, I was thinking about how I’m going to explain to him, if the time comes he’s going to ask me, on delicate matters like s*xuality, s*x organs, and so on. Of course, I had to tell him what is true and what is right for that matter. Besides, s*x education would be taught in school and it’s nice if he comes to know it directly from me first. It’s not an easy subject to discuss at any age though.

I know, too, that, sooner or later, my little boy would learn the mechanics of s*x no matter what. What he will have a harder time finding out about could be love. Yes, he’s going to develop such a right attitude about chastity and self-control not from any books, class or even talk by a parent.

He’s going to acquire it as if by osmosis, that is, by simply watching his parents in action. He should be seeing it through his mother and father treating each other with kindness and respect just so he can view the tenderness between husband and wife. Most importantly, he should be seeing his parents on their knees in prayer—it is one of the most profound of lessons in obedience, chastity, and love that he could have.

Parents should serve as the primary educators of their children. Classroom instructions are meant to reinforce the values parents are imparting at home. In discussing s*xuality and chastity with our children, the following icebreakers may be worth using/sharing:

  • Explain to him that self-control is a sign of maturity and strong character. Anybody can give in to s*xual urges or desires. But only those who are weak and immoral do it all the time. It is important to practice self-denial and self-control, resisting impure, immodest or immoral behaviors because it is one way of showing character.
  • Tell him that his s*xuality is a gift from God. It is a sacred thing and, therefore, must not be abused or used for the wrong reasons.
  • Explain to your child that prayer and frequent reception of the sacraments are one of his best tools to fight temptation.
  • Explain to him that his parents are always there to pray for him so that God will give him the grace to withstand temptation and those occasions that may be sinful.

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