Parenting is everyday role modeling

Nathaniel looks good on eyeglasses.

As a parent, every action you’re going to show to your children may, in one way or another, motivate them to dig for more information on things that interest them and can inspire them to even try experimenting on things that intrigue them the most. It is true that words are important but actions speak louder than words, so to speak. Action is, in fact, character, so that while words are necessary it is a person’s behavior that says more about who he is.

Parents should be sending their most powerful messages through their actions. Kids are great imitators and you sure have already been catching them repeating your expressions or imitating your gestures. It is natural for a child to follow the leader, and for many years, you are the leader.

A child may find it easy learning what you demonstrate to him or her than what you may hope and thinks you teach. You can naturally demonstrate to your young child the importance of a particular thing by talking to him while doing something that involves what you are explaining all about a particular thing. Every parent must remember that a child’s brain is not easily fooled.

Children may have many inborn personality traits affecting their growth and development, but the daily example you set, as a parent, when faced with difficulties or problems will be speaking much more clearly to them than any lectures you might deliver. The fact is that your child’s perseverance tends to mirror that much of your own.

As you try to motivate your kids to develop their goals, there’s nothing better than exposing them to adults who have purpose in their lives, people who work in interesting professions, and pointing out stories about people who have overcome obstacles. You, as a parent, are a model, but so are other people like teachers, adult friends, priests, relatives, and so on and so forth. You can look to your extended family, community, and church for good role models for your children.

A parent’s role modeling is a powerful motivator because the number one way children learn is by imitation. In that sense, one of your most powerful tools in guiding and motivating them is setting a good example. There may be times when you’re kind of not feeling qualified to be a role model with its implication of excellence or perfection, but your child is always watching what you do.

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