Ten things you can do to motivate your children to learn about the world

Nathaniel and company.

Learning about the world is something not limited to what has been taught in schools. Children, regardless of age, race, nationality, gender, culture, and creed can be motivated to learn about the location of countries, oceans, continents, states, rivers, and capital cities if there’s a reason for them to do so. It may be because they have someone they know from another country like a friend or a relative, for example, because their family is showing interest in people and cultures in other parts of the world, or because they were able to read about other nationalities. In that sense, social studies or geography would cease to become just a bunch of meaningless, unconnected facts that they have to learn by rote.

As a parent, you should be giving your kids a variety of experiences. To show an interest in other nations and nationalities and keeping abreast of world events and international affairs, before your children, they will come to grow up with a wider knowledge of the world and a greater awareness and appreciation of different cultures. Below are ten things you can do to motivate your children to learn about the world:

  • Watch travel programs on TV with your kids and you may explain to them what you learn about the country that was being featured to the best of your ability.
  • Use thumbtacks to a map the name or picture of relatives or friends who are visiting, moving to, or living in different parts of the country or the world.
  • Try placing a large map on the wall in the family room, the play room, or your child’s bedroom. You can never discount the fact that maps are a valuable resource in geographic study.
  • Give your children the permission to browse the Internet resources to learn about the world. In other words, let them google it.
  • Try using laminated maps so you can write on them or plot the route of a trip with a washable marker which you can erase it later.
  • At least once in a while, take your children and your spouse to an ethnic restaurant, or treat your children to ethnic snacks at a folk festival. Try learning to cook different ethnic foods so your family will be introduced to the different tastes of other people.
  • If you can buy soft, stuffed globes in bright colors that your younger children can play with or use as pillows, the much better.
  • Try to be creative by equipping your child’s room with wooden and cardboard puzzles of the Philippines and other countries of the world. You can try manipulating a piece and to talk about the place it represents and the products coming from that area.
  • Encourage your kids to read magazines, books, and historical and illustrated story books. Publications like the World by the National Geographic and Discover by Family Media, Inc. are highly recommended.
  • Try thinking of games that can help children learn about the world. You may choose any of these popular games like World Traveler, Trip Around the World, Where in the World? and many more.

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