How to teach your children to have faith in themselves

Nathaniel walks through the hallway leading to Santo de Cebu chapel.

Because your children looked up to you as their personal role model, to show you have faith in them is how they could learn to have faith in themselves as well. It must be showing your faith with, of course, actions. But how can you be sure you’re doing it the right way?

Raising kids is a complicated task of figuring out what parenting method is going to work out well with you or one that will best suit for the specific needs at hand. Children’s need should be catered or addressed with individually as each child is unique, has different special talent, trait, and personality. Nevertheless, it is imperative that the parents should try including in their point of view to accept the fact that, no matter how hard they try, there’s no single method of parenting that’s going to be perfect.

So what are the ways you need to follow so you could teach your children to have faith in their own selves? There are lots of parenting methods telling you how to do it but that’s all up to you to pick which one you think is good and according to your needs. The following are my own formula on how you could teach your children to have faith in themselves which you may find worth applying in your own situation as well:


This parenting method or style is all about having a balance, by which you have some actions to avoid, as a parent, as well as to take actions on a particular thing. One of these actions you need to avoid is over-parenting. What you can do is let your children be while, at the same time, you have to watch intently or identify when is the best time for you to enter or intervene. It is a practice by which you are indirectly saying to your kids to be responsible by allowing them to have such an opportunity to be just their own selves, taking risks, to make mistakes, and of the taking of responsibility for the consequences of their actions.


It is not enough that you’re only making them know about what you’re trying to mean, but you have to make your children feel to the bone you have faith in them. It’s easier to preach to your kids about getting responsible, for example, but without your convincing power to make them believe what you’re saying, it’s nothing. Give them time to ponder about what you’re saying, and then take the necessary steps to act on why they should take your words seriously. You will find out, it all starts with you.


I’m not going to elaborate on this one any further, but it’s something quite obviously explaining a lot. You may come to disagree with it, but then, one day, you may just as well find it helpful.

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