The importance of teaching your kids what Christmas is all about

Nathaniel tries to touch a wooden cow in a Nativity manger display.

Christmas is a lot of things to many people. Some people view it as a day for the sharing of love and the healing of wounds that have festered. Others celebrate it as a prayerful thanksgiving for the blessings received throughout the year.

It’s all about enjoying the holidays for most people as they load their plates with high expectations the season can bring: attending parties, planning festive get-togethers, eating more, and shopping. The result of all this running around, sometimes, could be negative. There will be more accidents, residential fires, unhealthy weight gains, car crashes, overspending, and more stress.

People may have different ways of viewing and celebrating this one of the most special of holidays of the year in the whole Christian world, but one thing should appear common though: Christmas is all about keeping Christ in everyone’s heart. And who could deny the fact that Christmas is more fun and meaningful with the presence of little children? Here’s why teaching your children what Christmas is all about can bring a lot of good things:


Perhaps one of the good reasons why the exact date of Christ’s birth was kept unknown is that He wanted people to observe it not only for one day, but every day of the year. When you start to care for others, especially the less fortunate ones, you’re keeping Christ in your heart. And because you kept Him in your heart, you celebrate Christmas.

Nathaniel shakes hand with Santa. He was two years old in this picture.

Christmas is to heal the family wounds by way of promoting peace and forgiveness. It should start with those who are close to you: your spouse, parents and siblings, kids, neighbors, and friends. The family is your children’s first school of forgiveness and it is your duty, therefore, as a parent, to help the family in preparing to understand the meaning of God’s forgiveness.


Parents everywhere are given opportunities to make a difference in the lives of their children in many ways. The good examples you, as a parent, are showing to your kids should inspire a new generation of young men and women to follow in your footsteps. Christmas should bring out that little child in yourself by allowing you the freedom to enjoy everything that was so much a part of your own childhood.

Christmas should remind people about the innocence, the exuberance, the hope, and the confidence in the future that are so much part of every youngster. It should make children out of the adult ones because it reminds them of their own hopes for the future. Without Christ’s birth taking place in the manger in Bethlehem more than two thousand years ago, there will be no hope for mankind.


It’s through the Incarnation of Christ, the making of the Word into flesh, that Christmas came to be. It’s a gift, God’s greatest present to the world. When you try to introduce the idea of Christmas as presents that are chiefly a sign of love to your children, they will come to understand God’s fatherly love to His people, by whom He also called children.

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