Tips in teaching kids honor and appreciate the love behind every Christmas gift

GIFT OF TIME. Nothing says I love you like a gift of time spent with your loved ones.

When it comes to exchanging of Christmas gifts, kids are too honest to express glee over a gift that they don’t like. Of course, it is expected for a child to exchange a gift for something they like better and there’s nothing wrong with it. For sure, most parents, if not all, will agree to the fact that one of their greatest pleasures is seeing the delight in their child’s face when he or she opens the gift they have selected especially for him or her.

In the deeper sense of it, gifts from parents to their children are not as important as the love behind them. Parents should not expect/must do something for their children to love every gift they receive, but for their children to appreciate and honor the love behind the gift. Here are tips in teaching kids honor and appreciate the love behind every Christmas gift they receive:


When your child is expressing disfavor about a gift given to him by his grandma, for example, teach him to do it in a positive way. You may suggest to him about saying thank you to his grandma for the shoes, for example, and to say what he likes and dislikes about the shoes. Your child may say, for example, “Grandma thank you very much for the shoes. I really like the design and brand, but if you don’t mind, I think I’ll exchange it for a red color instead of the yellow one since red is my favorite color.”


Tell your children that you, or their grandma, for example, have put a lot of thought and time into picking out or making something you, or their grandma, thought they would especially like. Your kids may not like about the gift at first or that they want something better, but making them understand to receive gifts graciously and without unrealistic expectations, they will eventually learn to appreciate and honor the love behind every gift.

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