Fatherhood and the moral compass to live by in guiding children

Fatherhood is the mission that allows a man to give of himself unreservedly.

Talking about morality, most people are quick to defend on the fact that an individual person’s opinion belonging to his or her own and equal to that of anyone else. There are some who think there can be no objective and commonly agreed upon moral norm. For these people, morality is viewed as an illusion.

You may have heard many times over from a lot of people about morality being a completely personal and subjective choice. This position has become one of the most widespread and pernicious challenges to morality that today’s society is facing. As a result, some people would come to ask: “Do values have any value?”

There’s a sense in which you’re creating the world in which you live. You, as an individual person, have the power to make decisions, and the effect of all those choices could result in the goodness or badness of the society in which you belong. Every action you’re taking affects not just you and the immediate people you are going to interact with, but the world.

To make a good moral choice, it is important to consider the fact that you’re, in the first place, choosing. All choice involves an object. You’re choosing this one particular object, for example, rather than that.

Given the basic human inclination to choose what can be good for you, your personal choice would always be directed to a perceived good. Once each of the objects has some real or perceived goodness from among a whole range of goodness, then problem could arise. There’s right and wrong, human freedom, and the choice people are going to make individually.

All parents want obedience from their children. But it should be the kind of obedience that is not based in fear, so that it would be best understood as a loving response to having been loved first. Real love is the person’s willingness to collaborate and work for the good of another.

Living out the vocation of fatherhood is a calling, by which all men should imitate the holiness that led Christ to give his entire self for the love of others. Fatherhood is the mission that allows a man to give of himself unreservedly. The father is the prophet to his children by fulfilling his obligation to teach them what is good and the Christian morality.

A true father should engender filial fear in his child by loving him and believing in him simply because that child is his. There are times when he’s going to generate such a filial fear upon knowing the worst about his child, yet in that knowledge opts to loving the child all the more, precisely because that child needs the father’s love. He doesn’t get upset or fatalistic about his child’s failures.

A good dad must not only know that he is there to choose the good, he must have the intention of choosing something good. When he sets out to do something he must will to do the right thing. But the people’s will or that of an individual person cannot turn what’s wrong into something good.

Life is complex, unpredictable, and sometimes chaotic. Moral decisions are difficult. But there’s no need to fear because you have a sure moral guide in Christ Jesus.

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