Some tips on what kinds of things should parents read to their newborn

Nathaniel at two weeks old.

From day one until the baby reaches two months old, parents can read aloud anything they like. What’s important during this particular stage of a baby’s life is to simply allow him or her to hear the mellifluous tones of his or her parent’s voice. You can read straight from the text, whether it is a novel or some popular nursery rhyme books.

If you noticed that your baby would fall asleep each time, in the middle of your reading session, it is to indicate that he or she loved the closeness and security of your voice. Your baby already heard and recognized your voice even when he or she was still in the womb. When you begin reading every single day on since the baby’s birth, he or she will get used to it and will come to expect it as part of his or daily routine.

There’s no special way to read at the start, but all you have to do, as a parent, is to just read any way you like and to take notice on how your child reacts. Some babies may seem to prefer certain tones of voice, or perhaps a particular book you’re reading aloud before his or her birth. You can begin observing your baby’s responses at birth when you read and you’ll notice, in one way or another, the subtle ways in which newborns absorb everything you say.

As he or she grows up, what you have observed about him or her will give you clues to the best books and ways in which you could read aloud. A study suggests that the human auditory system is fairly well developed by the sixth month of pregnancy. It leads, therefore, to the conclusion that babies can hear their parent’s voice as well as music and other sounds while yet in the womb.

You can read anytime you like, even while your baby is sleeping. There’s no difference between the brainwaves of a newborn who is asleep and one who is awake. At birth, although it may appear babies are asleep, they can hear and be stimulated by sounds.

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