Why a child needs a positive attention from his parents

Handling well of my toddler’s tantrum.

Regardless of the inborn characteristics of children, they all need positive attention from their parents. The lack of it could simply result into what could be a tremendous behavioral problem. Criticism, negative comments, and complaining are discouraging and often result in more misbehavior.

On the other hand, when you encourage them, being the optimistic parent you could be, and one who demonstrate positive strokes are to them as fertilizer is to plants. That’s the kinds of things that really make children flourish. Each child has this so great a need for continuous encouragement just as a plant needs water.

The child’s behavior that gets his parent’s attention should be rewarded and reinforced. Of course, it’s easy to notice a child’s misbehavior, but if you want easy obedience you must be careful not to reward that behavior with undue attention. Instead, as you’re trying to catch your beloved child in the act of being good, you can reward the positive ones.

Children are born with different characteristics that may, in one way or another, make them either easy or difficult to live with. Nevertheless, they need to feel special. They need to be accepted for who they are, to hear compliments, and to be recognized.

Child experts suggest about the importance of giving each child with at least fifteen minutes of his or her parent’s undivided attention every single day. To start with, a parent must allow his or her child to choose an activity to do together. It must be organic and natural, avoiding all forms of electronics as these types of things don’t necessarily require a healthy interaction.

It is best if you can convince your child to play board games with you, or engage in plays that can stimulate his creativity and imagination. When your child is older, you can go for a walk with him, or to simply just spend time talking with him. What’s important is that you’re showing your child that he has your complete and undivided attention.

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