Saying yes to the yes method of child rearing

Nathaniel was taking time to pause for a moment while an acquaintance took his picture.

Although it doesn’t come naturally, but the “yes” method of child rearing, according to child experts, is far more effective than its exact opposite which is the “no” method. Oftentimes, parents who make it a habit to say no to almost everything concerning their children would, actually and in fact, only be getting a pout, kick, or even a scream in return until the white flag is raised. Then they will realize there has to be a better way so that by next time that their children make a request it has to be approved first by saying yes, unless there’s a very good point why they have to really mean no.

Saying yes to a child is one important way a parent can do in maintaining a positive atmosphere in the home, aside from the fact that by catching him being good is just as equally important. Parents should get into the habit of saying yes, unless they have a really good reason for saying no and should stick to such a decision no matter what. They will be surprised how often they can say yes to their children without compromising standards, plus the fact that their positive response can only make them feeling happy as a result.

If you’re the kind of parent who desires easy obedience, then you must have to follow this simple rule: If you don’t want your child to pout and nag you into changing your mind, say no only when you’re absolutely sure you mean it. Even if you’re the kind of a parent whose temperament isn’t that naturally optimistic, yet you can learn to become a positive one. All you have to do is to make the “yes” method of child rearing your ultimate goal, then you can learn to begin saying yes instead of a “no” if at all possible.

Saying yes to your child does not mean you’re wishy-washy. The more it does not mean you’re allowing him to get his way. But with the yes method, you’re making easy obedience possible by creating a warm, positive atmosphere where a child is nurtured with positive affirmations and rewarded for positive behavior.

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