How Christmas has changed a lot through the years, and why it’s still the same thing after all

Pasko_03Recalling the Christmases of your childhood is to feed your mind with what were you missing most about them. In my case, after the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, we went straight from the church to the house to gather for the traditional Noche Buena. It was a special get-together dinner for the whole family.

The Yuletides of my youth were more alive and festive. The cooking was done in a very traditional way and it seemed like most people then took the holiday seriously and with a lot of heart, and more personally. The aroma of adobo (adobo is a favorite Filipino dish) and tinolang manok (tinolang manok is chicken stew); bingka (rice cake) and other popular and favorite Filipino delicacies.

There was a time, during my childhood, when I believed Santa was alive and was actually giving gifts to children who are doing good. While I now know that Santa doesn’t exist, it didn’t really harm me to imagine at all. All kids will undergo this stage called “fantasy life magic years” after all.

My three-year-old son wearing a Santa costume.

Christmases of the present time are a lot different. With the introduction of ultra-modern technology, the old-fashioned Christmas preparation has drastically changed. The older ways may soon be gone completely forever.

Some parents may ask: “Will our kids recall their early Christmases as we do?” Today’s kids grow up with many celebrations to remember and with many high-tech gadgets to distract them. Or it’s because life was, obviously, simpler then than it was today.

Change can either be both a blessing and a curse. When you’re driven to change a thing for the better, then it’s a blessing. If the changing of a thing is only meant for the worst, then it’s best for that particular thing to be left alone.

Christmas is all about God’s love for us. Because He so much loved the world, according to the New Testament in the book of John chapter three verse sixteen, that He gave His only begotten Son so that whoever believes in Him will not die but have everlasting life. God the Father has given us His greatest gift through His Son Jesus.

And how could the earthly fathers become perfect like the heavenly Father? It is through joining Him in making such a perfect gift of self to their kids. Everyone must know that generosity is synonymous with fatherhood.

Cultivating this kind of generosity means to be creative. From time to time a father should be offering lavish, extravagant displays of love, looks for special moments just so he could show his tenderness, reinforces the reality of his love when it’s unexpected, always makes time just to be with the kids, relies on the element of surprise in giving signs of affection, and so much more. It is about a father’s caring so much for his children, and that all that he does for them concerns him so closely.

Christmas should be something that reminds us what it is all about. The way people may come to celebrate Christmas could change a lot over the years, but as long as they continue to give their gifts of love to others then it’s still the same thing no matter what. Merry Christmas to one all!

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