Nineteen practical ways every parent must observe to ensure the safety of his or her toddler

My toddler was playing under our watchful eyes.

As your baby grows to become a toddler, his or her needs for proper care and guidance by a parent also increase. This must be so in order for him or her to achieve optimum health, and also for personal safety purposes. But yet, no matter how careful you are as a parent, sometimes, accidents could happen.

These accidents, if too severe, may often lead to trauma in both the physical and emotional aspects of the child, or could even lead to death. That is why prevention is of the utmost importance and parents must be aware of this in the first place. The following are nineteen practical ways every parent must take into consideration to ensure the safety of his or her toddler:

  • Never ever leave your toddler alone without any trusted adults to take a close watch over or to supervise him or her
  • Never ever leave your toddler to bathe alone until he or she reaches six years of age
  • Let him or her sleep on his or her crib
  • Let him or her sleep in a prone position or on his side
  • Never ever toss him or her around
  • To protect your toddler’s very delicate, too sensitive skin, keep him out of direct sunlight. Nevertheless, you can still expose him to direct sunlight during after sunrise but for a very limited amount of time only.
  • Always keep kerosene, solvent, medicines, and pesticides away from him or her.
  • Always keep lighted candles, matches, lighters, hot liquids, and other combustible materials away from him or her.
  • Always keep small, and sharp and pointed objects away from your toddler because these may suffocate him or her to death if swallowed and could also puncture or cut his or her flesh once mishandled.
  • Never ever smoke or allow someone to smoke near him or her. Remember that secondary smoking, according to a study, is more dangerous to you and your toddler’s health.
  • Always keep plastic bags away from your toddler as they may suffocate him or her.
  • Keep him away from electrical outlets and chords, electric flat irons, and water heater.
  • Don’t forget to install safety locks on cabinets, wooden cribs, and drawers.
  • Never leave water on a bucket, pail, or tub. Chances of getting drowned are very high especially for toddlers left alone playing on a tub, pail, or bucket containing water.
  • Never ever allow your toddler to get near a swimming pool, rivers, ponds, and beaches without any trusted adult to supervise him or her. Drowning incidents of toddlers left on their own without any adult supervision in these places are highest.
  • Make sure to install side guards on all of your beds.
  • Don’t forget to always put the seat belts on in him or her when in a car.
  • Never ever leave your toddler alone inside a vehicle. There are many cases of toddler deaths left inside a vehicle (especially an air-tight close one) due to dehydration and suffocation. When you really need to leave him or her inside a vehicle make sure that the air conditioner is on and that you’ll be back right away in a minute or two.
  • Never allow him or her to play on street. Remember that a street is not a playground for kids, but you can take him or her to the park or any vacant lot safety enough for toddlers to play on.

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