Ten things my toddler should be expecting from me to do for him in 2016

I’ll always remember that my child is God’s special gift for me.

2016 is here and a lot of people are sort of like making vows to doing things they can change for the better starting right on New Year’s Day. I, on my part, have listed ten things I need to do as a dad to a three-year-old son this year. And hey, this is not a New Year’s resolution I’m going to make.

But this is something more of a commandment I’m going to impose upon myself, as a dad, for my child. Some of these things I have already been doing many times over, but which I would also like to be doing with more emphasis. Sounding like a New Year’s resolution or not, I hope to make these ten things my toddler should be expecting from me to do for him in 2016 like every dad’s own, too, wherever you are:

  • There’s a great need on my part to go easy on criticism. I have learned that, instead of criticism, my toddler needs more of my encouragements and praises to grow. I should always bear in mind that I can criticize the things that my child is doing without criticizing him.
  • I should be more of the open-minded and considerate type of person. My child should know that, although I’m always there to keep watch over and to guide him, he’s free to make his own decisions and that he has my permission to try new things, taking risk, experiment, explore, and to fail; my child should learn best from his mistakes. I know that when he grows up, he will be more than ready and prepared to make the kind of decisions life is requiring of him.
  • I should not expect perfection from my child nor will I encourage him to do something that is beyond his ability. It’s enough for me to know that he’s doing his best in everything. He has to do what he loves doing, finding his passion, that is.
  • I should allow him to explore safely. I understand that his eyes have not seen the world as mine have had. I should not restrict him unnecessarily.
  • I should take time to willingly explain things to him, like what I’m always doing each time, about this wonderful world. I mean I should be taking “more” time explaining things to him (with emphasis on the word “more”). More time means more interactions and more interactions, when done in a positive way, are what quality time is all about.
  • I should always remember that my child is God’s special gift for me. I should, therefore, take care of him as God intended me to do. I should be giving my little boy guidelines to live by and to explain to him in a loving manner.
  • Knowing that his feelings are tender, I should be more attentive to his needs. I shouldn’t be nagging him all day long just as nobody would want to be nagged for his or her inquisitiveness as well. I should treat him as the way I want to be treated.
  • I shouldn’t be doing things over for him. I understand, as his father, somehow that makes him feel that his efforts didn’t quite measure up to my expectations. I must not try comparing him with others.
  • I should not be afraid to take a leave for a weekend (Do I really have to?). I understand that kids need vacations, just as parents need taking a short break and spend time for their own selves as well.
  • I must be the good example my child wants to emulate or follow. Of course, I’m not a perfect father. But he will know I’m doing my best for him.

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