Why you should be proud being a parent

PROUD FATHER. Celebrating fatherhood with comfort foods and a beer.

While biology is what will determine whether a person can be a mom or a dad, the society, on the other hand, may play a very important role in dictating how one should be acting accordingly as a father, papa, dad, mom, or mama. Nevertheless, it is God alone who can make a parent truly a parent; he or she should be someone who can reflect God in himself.

Parenthood is not about assuming the easy task. It is about taking charge for what’s considered as one of the most important jobs in the world. Becoming a parent is to willingly accept such a heavy role of giving, guiding, providing, and sacrificing everything in order for the family to grow and flourish.

A parent is someone who can make mistakes, failed at times, and knows how to nurse some wounds. But, most importantly, he or she could rise from a fall, correct mistakes, and heals his or her own self and that of other people as well. There are, of course, lots of stumbling blocks along the way and many a storm to weather at on a daily basis.

But the rewards are great. Parenthood is all about experiencing the joy and pride of being chosen as one of God’s stewards for His earthly families. You couldn’t be more thankful than being given the opportunity of becoming one.

Watching your children grow from infancy to childhood and then to adolescence is, indeed, a truly fascinating experience. Parents have to face the challenges, play different roles, so that parenting becomes more of a puzzling yet rewarding journey. You’d surely be filled with joy and satisfaction to see your children grow up and ready for the challenges of life.

Raising kids is a way for you to learn to understand and appreciate more of God’s love for you. It is through such a wonderful process that you’re taught to become humble, tactful, considerate, and teachable. Such a role should further make you become a loving, faithful, trustworthy friend, and man to your dear wife.

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