Keep Your Fire Burning for Love and Compassion

Make someone feel the heat of your love and keep that fire burning.

Love and compassion—these two desirable qualities of the human person—are something every parent who practiced them at home can pass on to his or her children. A child must learn them first from you, being his parent; from the way he hears or feels the words and expressions that carry such a wonderful feeling of empathy towards the sender, which is you. Love is a feeling inherent in everyone and it should be natural, effortless, generous, unconditional, and spontaneous.

Compassion, on the other hand, is the most valuable element of a love in action. But although love ranks the greatest, compassion serves to be an irreplaceable pair. The two are like couples especially made for each other, supporting each other, enhancing each other.

The marriage of love and compassion cannot be without a byproduct. Empathy, which is an essential quality of a civilized life, was the byproduct of such a beautiful mergence. But what, in fact, is empathy?

It is an ability of an individual to hear other people’s feelings or, on a much deeper sense, to put his own self in the shoes of people different from him. Because of empathy, the passing on of the just and humane laws became possible. Parents should consider the importance of raising empathic children; it must be their most primary personal and social concerns.

When you empathize with someone, you’re making ways to ensure that that person feels not alone. You’re making him feel the heat of your love—keep that fire burning, the warmth of your presence, that even when the two of you may differ in one way or another yet you are connected. A parent should be his child’s first source of empathy.

Parents can meditate upon the miracle of a child’s birth and growth and it would lead them to the realization of the fact about the significance on why a fetus should need to stay nine months in the mother’s womb and then the time again it will take before he or she can learn motor skills. You, as a parent, should develop sacrificial love to your children. They are not perfect, no one is, but you must be proud of them.

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