Interspersing with the innocence of a young child

In this picture, Nathaniel was eating lunch in his favorite popular Filipino fast food restaurant, Jollibee.

As a parent, you probably may have already had done everything to protect or preserve the innocence of your young child. You tell him simplistic stuff and shelter him, to the best that you could, from the political side of everything. You make it a point that you’re doing it right in keeping the door closed on the adult media world even when you know that, sooner or later, somebody else could push it open.

You will do everything to protect his innocence because you know that, as a young child, he is very sensitive and could be easily impacted by trauma. You believe that his childhood is a state that should be protected, monitored, and be kept safe at all times, so he could learn new things in a proper, slow, and gradual manner, once he’s mature enough to handle them. Yes, no doubt, you love your young child to the point that you want him to have a total protection from people who could do him harm, inflict unwanted pain and harsh reality for his age, and snatch his innocence away from him too young.

But what if this “innocence” thing, which is every child’s right to not know, never crossed your mind? How are you going to know the ways in which you could help ensure his safety and protect his innocence?jollibee01

Protecting your young child’s innocence is important because it is what will keep him asleep in his bed unmindful of the chaos and noise of the outside world. It is what will keep him smiling after any difficulties or hardships because he could still believe everything will always turn out fine in the end, even when you know that is not always the case. A young child’s innocence should be protected so that he grows up as naturally unaffected by these preventable unnecessary inputs as possible.

Or you could try looking at the situation from a different sense, from a different perspective, if you may. As a parent, there’s no such thing as protecting your young child’s “innocence.” It is not his innocence you are actually protecting, but the child himself. There’s one way you think is best to protect your child, and that’s for people to respect your ability, capacity, and responsibility to raise a child.jollibee02

To protect and not to protect your young child’s innocence are both important. You will find out that there’s no need for you to try protecting your young child’s innocence indefinitely as no one can truly protect it. But it’s a matter of knowing when to protect his innocence until you don’t. A good parent knows when it is important to protect his child and when it is important not to.

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