Nathaniel shows an act of kindness to animals: An insight

Nathaniel tries to open the door of a chicken cage.

When my son turned two years old, I noticed that when he’s eating his meal he will spare a portion of his viand and placed it on the lower side of the plate. At first I thought he was going to eat the viand later on but to my surprise, after the meal, he picked it up with his hand and walked towards the kitchen where the wild cat was waiting. I was delighted at the thought on how he was able to come up with such a very beautiful idea, at such a very young age, of sparing a portion of his meal to feed the wild cat.

I found out later that my toddler was not only kind to a cat but also to chickens. It was when, one time, he saw me feeding the chickens at the backyard of our house that he rushed towards me, grabbed a handful of mixed grains and pellets from the feeds container I’m holding, and sprinkled them away to where the chickens were. He even uttered something in a loud voice he can only understand as if to call at the chickens to come to him.

What I saw before my eyes was the unfolding of the truth concerning my toddler. I saw his inner self; that he was content, happy, and comfortable within his own self that he shared with the creatures around him the same level of contentment, happiness, and comfortability through such acts of kindnesses. I am convinced it is one of the greatest wisdom we could ever find.

Nathaniel feeds the chicken.

I think kindness is a character inherent in everyone, innate so to speak; the code of which was carefully embedded in every human being’s genetic framework; that we are originally programmed to protect and to take care of the welfare of our fellow species and also of those belonging to the other species until someone hacked the main control device and changed the code for all of us to self-destruct.

The Creator of this Great Project called on his brightest men to do something about it and it was found out somebody from within is trying to sabotage the whole thing. The Creator’s right hand, no other than the Great Manipulator himself, was the brainchild to such an attempt of toppling down the Kingdom. No one has ever had done that kind of thing before except him.

Nathaniel keeps watching the chickens after having fed them.

The Creator, being just and kind, settled the mutiny with a touch of diplomacy. He understands that the Great Manipulator wanted to be like Him, so He sent him somewhere else so he could establish his own kingdom and reign. The Creator knows that the Great Manipulator will be punished in due time, but he could still use the remaining time left for his own self.

Operation Enduring Salvation was launched to save all of those units infected with virus perpetrated by the Great Manipulator. The procedure was to implant the same original microchip into the main control device but this time soaked with droplets of the Creator’s blood.  It was very potent that each infected unit who will be exposed to it will be transformed as new.

Me and my toddler.

It should not come as a surprise if you see toddlers who are yet learning everything but already know how to show some acts of kindness. We are all programmed in that way from the very beginning until someone changed the program for us. But the Cure is here to bring us back to what we are originally designed to.

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