Twenty little things that mean a lot to my three-year-old son

Nathaniel was keeping himself busy cutting papers.

When Nathaniel turned three years old, I was amazed to see startling developments in him. He was already showing signs of being fascinated by ball games, able to run and climb, polished up his fine motor skills, speak in well-turned sentences and can engage in complicated conversations, could concentrate on building blocks or other ways of putting things together, and many more.

Watching him play, walk, and talk could only put a smile on my face. I was thinking about the future, twenty or maybe thirty years or more from now, and wonder what memories he will have to treasure when he becomes an adult. My own childhood experience reminded me that I was finding just as much, or even much more, joy in the little things as I did in the big events of my life.

I was struck with the idea that to have a little special moment with my son does not need to be a big affair, after all. But it’s about taking a portion of my precious time to really go out of my way and spend it with my son which is one way of showing to him how much I love him. Here are the twenty little things that mean a lot to my three-year-old son Nathaniel:

Nathaniel, in a Santa costume, with his cousins Yana and Audrey.
  1. Going out for a walk with him. It could be anywhere as long as it is a safe enough place for kids and adults alike to roam at.
  2. Showing as much enthusiasm in the things that he does. When he finds it interesting to scribble anything on a piece of paper or notebook, then it is important that I had to go down to his level and make such an experience a little bit more creative and something which we both could learn from.
  3. Praising him for the right reasons, at the right place, and at the right time.
  4. Giving him a chance to fight his own battles when he’s trying to prove something before I had to intervene.
  5. Reading him stories from children’s books. Read books with him.
  6. Watching the full moon together.
  7. Crack a joke and to laugh with him at these jokes.
  8. Teach him how to draw a bird, cow, a tree, or anything using a pencil on a piece of paper.
  9. Buy him crayons and teach him how to color hand drawn objects.
  10. Letting him choose the clothes he would like to wear.
  11. Play with him. If it is going to be a pillow fight, then so be it.
  12. Give him a chance to browse our family pictures on my cellphone.
  13. Show him my old pictures including those of my childhood.
  14. Cook him pancakes. Or let him play under the rain.
  15. Let him watch me plant a tree and teach him the importance of watering it.
  16. Dress him like a Santa.
  17. Buy him ice cream, and then scream, “I Scream.”
  18. Let him ride in a hammock with me.
  19. Take selfies together and try making wacky faces pose.
  20. Giving him a chance to teach me something.

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