Seven ways parents could help their kids to stay active

His own way of beating the summer heat: taking his shirt off.

Why is it important to be physically active? How much and what type of activity is required or recommended? How are you going to encourage your child to get active physically?

When you’re on a regular physical activity, you’ll get long term health benefits. Human beings are designed for movement and that they could benefit a lot from being physically active. That said, the more physical activity one is doing, the greater the health benefits.

There are lots of important reasons for children, adolescents, and the adult ones to engage in physical activities or exercises. You may consider the following:

  • It helps improve cardiovascular fitness.
  • It helps develop social skills.
  • It helps build self-esteem.
  • It helps build strong bones.
  • It helps maintain a healthy weight.
  • It helps one to relax and improves sleep.
  • It helps or aids in the development of physical skills such as coordination and balance.

When one is not physically active or leading a sedentary lifestyle, that person is more at risk for:

  • Getting obese
  • Getting heart disease
  • Getting sick of cancer
  • Getting type two diabetes
  • Having high blood pressure
  • Having a stroke
  • Having high blood cholesterol

It is the role of parents to ensure that their children stay healthy by keeping them physically active. But how much and what type of activity is recommended? According to a recent study, a minimum of sixty minutes or one hour of physical activity every day is recommended for school-aged children and adolescents. It should consist of a variety of moderate to vigorous activities.

My three-year-old son wants to reach a leaf from a tree by jumping towards it.

You may consider these seven ways to help your kids stay active:

  • Cut or limit the time spent on watching TV, DVDs, internet, and computer games.
  • Be a good role model to them by being active yourself.
  • Encourage, convince, or persuade them about the importance of physical activity and to make it a part of daily life.
  • Help your child develop physical skills, for example by walking or running together or by playing ball games with him.
  • Make sure to make physical activity as fun and as likable as possible. You have to encourage your child to find a sport he likes or enjoys.
  • Family outings and picnics should include physical activity.
  • Introduce them to traditional games of your childhood. It could stir up their interest in physical activity.

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