How to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner with the birth of your baby

THREESOME. A family dinner date taken two years ago.

For first time parents, their baby’s birth marks the transformation from a couple into a threesome. Such a change is good since it could expand their horizons while, at the same time, focusing on the new family unit they have created. It is also a time for greater adjustments taking place, keeping your cool, developing tolerance for frustration, and a case of balancing act like, for example, how to keep the intimate relationship between husband and wife fresh while they have to spend so much time in meeting the needs of their baby.

Like a beautiful flower in the garden, a family grows together well over the years on unconditional love, patience, understanding, trust, perseverance, faith, hope, and communication. The birth of an eagerly anticipated baby is just the beginning. You could build on this miraculous start a strong foundation, and one which allows you to invest in a long and happy future as a close knit family.

Every relationship has its own unique challenges. How a husband and his wife, in this particular case, handle the transition in their lifestyle could bring them closer together as a couple. Here are few but important suggestions on how to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner:


This is very important. When either of the husband or wife could talk about their feelings, it is one best way to connect to the other person. It prevents assumptions and misunderstandings that would most likely occur between two people who shuts up or closes door.


Yes, you have to make time to be alone with your partner or for the two of you to go for a date or meet with friends without your baby. You could leave your baby to a trusted nanny or a relative staying with you for at least an hour so both of you could go out dating. Make time to be like when you’re still boyfriends and girlfriends.


The time you’re spending with your partner and baby, is worth every second of it. You could schedule relaxation with the three of you together like walking in the park, a family picnic, or sitting quietly in your living room.


You have to speak kindly to your spouse. Aside from having to express your kindness verbally, you have to also express it through your actions. Someone once said that kindness, whether in words or actions, are more healing to a sinking heart than balm or honey.

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