The day Jesus gathered the little ones to his arms

Nathaniel poses with one of the flowers that grows in our backyard.

Children have always had a special place in Jesus Christ’s heart. He was drawn into accepting the very qualities a child possessed: open, pure love, and childish sympathy. For him, these little ones are the stark contrast to the crafty and hypocritical men who came to oppress and refute with his teachings.

But Jesus also captivated the heart of these young souls. Wherever he went, during his short ministry in this world, children would have no doubt getting attracted to his magnetic personality.

It has been made clear that kids are the ones who are most susceptible to the teachings of the gospel. “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them,” said Jesus, “for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

It was an invitation to the parents as well to lead up their little ones close to him so he could bless them.

The teachings that Christ wanted his followers to absorb and follow should also be given and extended to the little ones. When these young minds received the good news, it would eventually become a window for them to see the beauty of the principles of heaven.

As parents, we are called to look upon our kids as younger members of the Lord’s family. There must be this commitment to educate these young souls for his kingdom. The moment we teach our kids to obey us because we love them, we are teaching them the first lessons in the Christian life.

The love we had for our children is the representation of the love of Christ and when they trust and obey us they’re learning to obey and trust the Lord. Jesus was the pattern for children. He was also the perfect father’s example.

The way we train our children should be in accordance with the lessons God has given in nature. We should encourage them to express their love toward God and toward one another. We should be teaching them to see Christ in nature by taking them out into the open air, in the fields and in the sea, under the noble trees, and into the garden where the beautiful flowers bloom. We must show them how grateful and appreciative we are in all the wonderful works of creation and seeing such as an expression of God’s love.

We should win their confidence in us as followers of Christ and once we did, it would be easy teaching them of the great love wherewith our Savior has loved us. We must all come to Jesus with our perplexities and we would sure find grace sufficient enough to help us in the management of our children.

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