Parents as shepherds: What are the similarities

A good
Spending quality time with my son.

Stories of good shepherds tending their flocks fascinate me. There was David of ancient Israel who would later on become king of his newly-established nation. He had killed many wolves and beasts which preyed on his flock of sheep in the field.

He was exposed to the harshest elements of nature so that he was described in the Bible as something ruddy in appearance and tough. He was fearless and ferocious when needed, as he tried to protect his flock from all forms of danger. Yet he was kind-hearted and a good man, obeying the law of his God.

A good parent could be likened to a good shepherd in many ways. They both have striking similarities. These are as follows:

  • Just as a good shepherd carefully examines each sheep to make sure that it is healthy, so is the parent wanting to know every little facet of his or her child’s life.
  • He knows he has a great responsibility raising his children according to some accepted standards.
  • He spends time with his children just as the shepherd spends time with his flock.
  • A good shepherd finds those were lost and bring them home. A good parent never gives up on his prodigal son. He’s praying and hoping that, one day, his lost son would find his way back home.
  • A good shepherd is always patient and calls on his flock and they would obey him. The same applies to the human parent.
  • A good parent knows that his child could go astray; that his child could slowly begin leaving the truth and his teachings. But like a good shepherd, a good parent is confident enough his child could appreciate all the efforts he’s making to help him.
  • To guide and to protect. A good parent helps to strengthen the good qualities his child has had. He guides his child all the way. He protects his child at all times.
  • A good shepherd is dependable, diligent, and courageous. He would risk his life to protect his flock. Aren’t these qualities could be found in a good parent also?

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