Give your children more brain power by using iodized salt everyday

In one of his chess matches against a computer.

Contrary to what many people have thought and believed about iodized salt as something that contains healing properties, it is not a medicine. But, rather, it is just ordinary salt fortified with a micronutrient called “iodine.” And, as we know, iodine is very important and needed in preventing health problems arising from the lack of it.

Iodine deficiency disorders or IDDs are a serious problem. Millions of people all over the world, especially those coming from underdeveloped and developing countries, are suffering from IDDs. This is due to the fact these people are consuming foods that are low in iodine or they simply just couldn’t afford buying foods that are rich in this particular micronutrient.

Iodine deficiency disorders could result to a person’s having many a defect like mental retardation, low IQ, deaf and mute, and stunted growth. A pregnant woman who lacks iodine in her diet is in danger of having a miscarriage, and giving birth to an abnormal baby. Also a pregnant woman who has goiter is at risk of having a miscarriage, or of giving birth to an abnormal baby.

Mental and growth retardation affect your children for life. Serious lack of iodine could even lead to death in young children. In adults, however, this could result for their having a goiter and other abnormalities.

So using iodized salt every single day is of the utmost importance. Iodized salt is especially fortified to contain as much iodine which you and your family need, not to mention the fact that it is cheaper than other iodine supplements.

There is a great need to use salt fortified with iodine every single day; whether in the kitchen, your daily cooking, or on the dining table for flavoring your family’s meals and snacks. Foods that are high in iodine like seaweed, salt water fish, sea shells, and other sea foods must also be eaten regularly.

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