Healing our emotional wounds is the first step for us to take to better understand how we should raise our kids

My son in his before-going-school pose.

Each one of us was once a child. We went through such a process of physical, emotional, social, and psychological growth and developments. We learned to manage our personal feelings as well as to understand other’s feelings and needs as we come to interact positively with them.

We started to learn to recognize and manage our feelings in as early as one year old. We experienced a wide range of emotions and have tantrums when we felt tired or frustrated. We also have our way of responding to stimulus. We were like a clean white paper begging at the mercy of how we we’re being blemished.

When we became adults, we carried some of these unresolved issues we had with our childhood. We may not be aware of it but these so called childhood issues remained in us so that they will affect in the way we interact with other people, how we perceived things as they are and ourselves as we are.

My son looks a lot like myself when I was his age.

We need to unload some of the things we carry with us since time immemorial that may only serve as stumbling blocks or hindrances of our productivity or growth as a person. We should heal the wounds of our inner child so we could become better parents, citizens, and individuals in whatever community or society we belong.

It must start from us before we could do anything we think we could teach to educate our children. We should teach ourselves how to develop that sense of trust for us. We need, for our inner child, a supportive, non-shaming ally to validate our abandonment, abuses, neglects, and enmeshment. There should be a cleaning up and deep healing.

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