Understanding one of our most noble of jobs as parents

Nathaniel is trying to put the boxing glove on in this picture.

Last night, I came across a beautiful quote on the way parents should raise their children from L.R. Knost which said: “It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless.”

Most of us want to see our little ones learn how to endure and that’s not a bad thing. But while it is realistic to say that we have to equip our children with the tools needed to prepare them for all of life’s crap, we should not also forget that the main thing we should have instilled in their persons and in their minds is for them to find a way to stay awesome, to be always hopeful and positive, and to be messengers of love and compassion.

Children’s hearts are very delicate organs. Life experiences could twist them into curious shapes. When a child is exposed to a harsh, cruel beginning, it will serve him wounds that may fester and swell as he goes throughout life. When left unresolved or untreated, this emotional baggage he has had acquired through bad experiences will become a burden he could impose upon anyone to carry.

We should not force ourselves to raise the grown-ups they’re going to be in our children when they’re still in the process of learning everything yet. Instead, we should raise our kids as they are by letting them be. Life may be terrible so that we had this great feeling of raising them with the tools to get through all of it, but whether we like it or not they will come to experience such a thing.

Life may be hard. We should, therefore, stop acting like someone who makes it harder for them. Our children will come to see themselves through our eyes. It is important that we radiate back positivism and hopefulness. Great parenting starts not merely in the way a child behaves but from the way parents do.

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