Twenty One Things I Wish My Son Discovers About Life As He Grows Up

I wish my son discovers the things he would need when it’s time for him to be left alone to design his own life.

My little boy would be turning four years old this coming August. I know we still had much of a time to spend together before he becomes old enough to leave the nest and to be on his own. I would also find myself embarking on a journey that leads me nearer to the sunset of my life when that time comes.

I know we would still be looking at each other as father and son as nothing could break such a bonding of such a beautiful relationship, but some things would no longer the same. No longer would I carry him in my arms, cuddle as if a baby, or lull to sleep. No longer would I have the ability to carry and put him in bed when he falls asleep in the sofa. No longer would I tell him bed time stories.

I know my little boy would one day be grown suddenly, and it may be sooner than expected. But it might be because I am wishing that the good things I had with him should stay forever. I could only look back to see if I have done it right.

But life is a battlefield and my little boy knows nothing about it. I don’t want him to know it’s going to be something like that either when he’s only learning everything yet. He’s too young to become concerned for such a serious thing. I know he’s going to discover it along the way growing up.

Each one of us had struggled with many different battles. Each one of us had fought problems every single day. Each one of us should take the challenge for whatever it may bring.

As for my little one, I don’t like to preach all these things to him. But I wish he discovers the things he would need when it’s time for him to be left alone to design his own life. Here are twenty one of these I wish to communicate without saying, but which he should feel in his heart:

Treat people nicely.  Throughout life, people would make you feel out of your comfort zone. Just continue doing what’s right and what’s your best. Remember that how people treat you define them. How you react defines you.

Speak truths. Keep your promises. Choose your words carefully and they would be your guide. People track you at your words and they would believe what you say.

Act. While a word is all you got in this world, you also had to back it up with actions. Because no matter what words are being spoken by someone, his actions betray the truth of his own heart.

Be humble. To live is to learn life’s long lesson in humility.

Choose wisely. You had to be mindful of the choices you’re going to make. Remember that being undecided or letting events dictate your life is already to choose.

Set goals. Take time to ponder on what it is you would really like to achieve in life. Then once you have decided on what your goals are, ask yourself how you’re going to achieve them.

Give cheer. Even to your own self.  Always greet each day with a smile on your face and a delight in your heart.

Love unconditionally. When you give your love to someone, don’t expect anything in return at all.

Make a difference. Be an everyday hero in your own little way.

Be the one that serves. Inspire. Encourage. Heal. Touch people’s lives.

Take time to reflect. Take time to pause and be silent. Meditate. Pray. Rediscover your purpose.

Be sensitive. Always be mindful of the world around you.

Take care of your body. Nourish it with every nutrient it has to need to keep it healthy and keep it from destructive habits and vices.

Be full of hope. It is the only bee, as someone once said, that makes honey without flowers.

Be courageous. Take risks. If you don’t have the courage enough to take risks you would have accomplished nothing in life.

People are fundamentally good. You had to believe that, in spite of everything, people are truly good at heart.

You don’t know everything. There’s still a lot for you to learn despite of all the knowledge you had acquired. You’re not all-knowing.

Be beautiful. You had to turn yourself into a beautiful and strong human being.

Be a morally good person. You had to commit to preserve and enhance the good qualities of the person that you are.

Be who and what you are. You are unique. You can only be you. Be just yourself.

Live without resentment and guilt. Guilt, as someone once said, is anger directed at ourselves—at what we did or did not do. Resentment is anger directed at others—at what they did or did not do.

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