A personal insight into the dynamics of fatherhood

FATHER AND SON. Nathaniel was only a little less a year old in this picture.

The family is considered as the basic unit of society from which the foundation of the nation is structured. There should be laws acknowledging the father and mother to jointly exercise parental authority over their legitimate children who are not emancipated. Every parent should know that parental authority is both a right and duty.

Such an authority should be natural and essential for the governance of the family. It should be natural in a way that is flowing from the responsibility of procreation and education of the offspring. It should as well be essential in such a way that no family goals are attainable without it.

Child rearing is the process by which parents prepare their children for adult social life. Children should be raised to honor and respect their parents. Every parent should know that there’s no such thing as perfect parenting and that child rearing should be individualized depending upon the nature of the child.

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There’s no child reared without some problems, so that the notion of a “problem child” should be a falsity. Children with problems are what every parent should be figuring out to fix, instead. Both parents should be playing active roles in child rearing.

Fatherhood, for instance, is a lifetime responsibility, so that once you become a dad you don’t stop from being one. A dad should not be rearing a child so that he or she may continue to be a child but, rather, he should be raising sons or daughters in such a way that they would be able to properly take their place in the adult world.

When my wife was pregnant for the first time with our son Nathaniel, she experienced a lot of physical changes in her body. There’s this morning sickness during the first few weeks of her pregnancy she had to endure, increased appetite, sleepiness, and many more. She even gained weight.

I knew then that life would never be the same again between us with the coming of our first baby, but we had to face the music by making some adjustments. A well-balanced diet, exercise, and rest are vital to her having a healthy pregnancy. I knew, too, that, as a couple, we have to be ready to embrace the new role and status as mom and dad from being just husband and wife.

Nathaniel’s birth has given me a greater feeling of satisfaction and joy. I came to love my wife even more; our bond of love was strengthened by our common interest and responsibility toward our child. For me, fatherhood has become one of the most maturing of experiences. There’s so much of a depth of emotions involved in it as well as that of a powerful train association.

While this may be the case with me, I knew that it won’t always be the same with other dads out there. The dramatic changes to occur with the arrival of a couple’s first child may result to marital conflicts to some. It could also be a source of depression, confusion, impatience, and suicidal instinct, to many, for one reason or another.

To become a dad is never easy. But what’s making the transition to fatherhood even more difficult is the lack of preparation or, if there’s any, it was too little for such a very important, life-changing role. Another one is drastic change of role from non-parent to parent. It should be gradual, allowing the subject a period of slowly increasing responsibility.

Becoming a dad is to assume greater responsibility in the character building of the child as he grows up. His words should carry more weight than that of his wife since he is considered as the pillar of the family. The father is the commander-in-chief, so that he should be seen, more effectively, keeping his constituents under control.

A dad should be getting more involved in child rearing and one who should be showing unconditional love to his wife and children. Fatherhood, for him, should be the taking care of the child not only that he or she may survive physically, but that for his child to find a place for himself or herself in the community of persons. He should know that each of his children has a right to a fruitful and happy life in accordance with his or her human dignity.

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