Here’s why you should stop pressuring your little ones to do well in school and in everything

Nathaniel poses with his mom before the camera.

Every parent wants their kids to do well in school and in everything. There’s nothing wrong about it as long as you know well your child’s ability and limitation. Pressuring your kids to do something beyond their limits may do more harm than good.

You have to be careful not to push them too hard while, at the same time, not getting too passive. It’s a balancing act. Preschoolers are usually the ones who would be most affected with pressure since they’re yet struggling to learn everything.

Preschool and kindergarten learning programs are emphasized or focused on formal instruction in reading, writing, and arithmetic which gave parents the confidence that this early foundation could bring about a head start in school for their children. It is normal for parents to be so anxious in giving their son or daughter the best possible educational beginning. They were very eager for their children to succeed in school, guitar and piano lessons, basketball, volleyball, and other extra-curricular activities.

My Madonna and Child.

But this must all be done with precautions though. Otherwise, they’re risking the chance of having their little ones to get exhausted from lessons and activities whether before, during, and after school. A competitive, overly academic school system, which placed lots of emphasis on worksheets and tests and not enough on hands-on activities and concrete learning could lead to kids’ having to feel burned out. This is due to the fact that kids would be prone to stress when there’s only little time for play, exploring their own interests, and the art of developing friendships.

In the realistic sense of it, high aspiration may only obstruct one from achieving something or failure to achieve academic performance. Parents should bear in mind that to simply raise aspiration couldn’t be an effective solution in improving success in education. In fact, in some cases, too much parental aspiration could be disastrous.

It’s about time parents should realize the fact that some of the behavioral issues they’re struggling with are a result of the pressure that lots of kids now feel. They should stop, out of fear of not doing enough for their kids, churning out anxious and depressed children. Parental success is not measured on exam grades alone, but, most importantly, in the happiness and security of every child.

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