How do you get your child to listen to you

Explain to your child that his obedience is one way he could make you feel better.

As a parent, you wanted to know how you could make your child to listen to you. But how could you do it, or putting across your ideas without irritating him or her? You may try the following tips and hope these might help you:

  • Timing is everything. Talk to your child, communicate in a way that both of you are willing to listen to each other. If listening doesn’t seem to work, still talk. But this time, find the right timing.

Don’t talk to your child when your child is not feeling well. Wait until he or she feels better. It’s true, parents must be their child’s best teachers, but timing is everything. Your child couldn’t hear you when he or she is churning with emotion.

You’ve got to get the feelings out first. You’ve got wait, of course not for a whole day, but maybe an hour or two after the issue has cooled.

  • Parents must communicate their needs to their children. Parents have needs too. There are annoying, frustrating, and disturbing kids. But you have to talk to them in such a way that they would know and understand how it feels like when they have to be in your shoes.

Explain to them that their obedience is one way they could help you feel better. And when you’re feeling better, everyone would be happy. And once everyone is happy, life, no matter how hard, becomes easy.

Life is all about problem-solving, and so with parenting. But even in such a phase of problem-solving your motive should not be about trying to influence, direct, or force your child to accept your solutions.

  • Tone down and be patient. Oftentimes, when you speak to your little ones, you forget you’re using a tone which indicates that you already know they have no intention of doing what you asked them to do.

Avoid speaking irritably to a child through outbursts or scolding or menacing threats. This manner of speech is contagious which could spark feelings of anger and resentment within the child.

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