Seeing the difference and loving it

Connectivity is the fundamental principle of the universe.

Parenting is viewed as something, at least by most people including myself, originating from such a belief that the universe is a creation of God. A conscious parent, therefore, or to become one, is the one who engaged in such a connectional process as being the expression of the laws of the universe. So that when we, parents, parent our child consciously, we’re participating in the cosmic order as well as that of contributing to what it is trying to do.

Hence, parenting or child rearing should be such that is more than just caring for a child as a biological life-form. It is, as what should ideally be, to participate in the creation of God and the laws of the universe. It is not only to promote and do what is a moral act, but because it is such a moral imperative to do so.

The universe that we live in is a Conscious Universe. Its very stuff is Consciousness in the same way that we could become self-aware as we have the capacity of self-awareness we inherited from the universe that is becoming conscious of itself through us.

We should become more aware of the universe and the intimacy of our connection to all things because of this. We should become more aware of how the Almighty Creator is working through us to achieve its purpose. When our very essence as parents is consciousness, we do not only make conscious parenting possible but, most importantly, we as well participate in the divine plan.

Our universe, as what the general view in Physics trying to explain it, exploded into being (an estimated ten to fourteen billion years ago), which gave birth to all things: the stars, the galaxies, and eventually all life-forms, including us. It could lead us to the conclusion that, from the very start, we’re all made of the same stuff.

But while scientists are trying to figure out what should be the answer to such a question on how consciousness could arise out of inanimate material, it is good for us to believe, along with some physicists, that the stardust of which we are made is animated, and in essence, is Consciousness.

Our consciousness came into being, from our unique perspective, not as a quality of our physical reality that arose at some point in our evolution, but as the essence of our physical being.

Believing that such a Consciousness, from the very beginning, mutated into energy and matter, giving birth to all things, both animate and inanimate, is the best way possible to understand why “connectivity” should be, considering that all things are made from the same material, the fundamental principle of the universe.

We must also be aware of the fact that Consciousness, which in essence is non-material, is yearning to express itself in a multiplicity of forms. The form Consciousness has taken in us is to become human. But it has also fulfilled its drive to take form in millions of other ways.

Looking at nature, we couldn’t help but see how much life loves diversity. Each one of us is different from all the others, but remains a human being nonetheless. Not even identical twins are totally the same in every way, because their unique experiences are going to shape them in unique ways.

In the same manner that we and our children are far from identical, we could, at least, through them see the world differently. Through them, we’re given the chance to notice things that would have been invisible to us and to know things we haven’t learned ourselves. It is our job as parents to see such a difference and loving it.

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