Finding authentic love and communion through fatherhood

Nathaniel was only six months old when this picture was taken.

It must be learned from the Heavenly Father. God is the Father who takes care of His children. He watches over and guards all of His creation. God has mastered the art of parenting.

He is the Father of the fatherless, to quote from the Book of Psalm chapter sixty-eight, verse five, and defender of widows. God cares so much for His children, so that when everything seemed to go wrong for the human race because of sin, He sent His only begotten Son to save them (John chapter three, verse, sixteen). God so much loved the blemished human beings that He wanted them cleansed through the blood of His Son, Jesus.

God created man in His own image and likeness. Man was called into existence through love and for love. It’s a vocation, a calling inscribed in the humanity of man and wife by God, and so the capacity and responsibility, of love and communion. To love, therefore, is to exercise or express such a fundamental and innate vocation of every human being.

Man couldn’t live without love as each person is called to make such a fundamental commitment—to love. The husband’s love to his wife should be without measure, except that it is truly just a gift of self; just the full, free gift of one’s being. This love that the Almighty Father and the Son give and receive is the Holy Spirit, who could be called their gift, their bond, even their communion.

The Holy Spirit, though, is not being exchanged between the Father and the Son. It’s not that the Holy Spirit has become something that’s traded, calculated, or measured—it’s not something like that. But like the Father and the Son, he, too, is holy, infinite, immense, and eternal.

Man and wife, called to live in a communion of love, were created by God to unite them as one in their common humanity. Their union in love should mirror in the world the communion of love that is in God.

A connection between human experience and the design of the Creator for human action must be fully established. To understand love is to understand the Creator’s design for his created order through an experience that everyone shares. To experience love is to experience fully the laws of nature.

All created things are connected. In the case with humans, the circumstances of their birth reflect that of the mechanics of the universe. And there’s such a great yearning for every human being for connection. A man, therefore, would find his understanding deepened when he is drawn, by imagination and observation, to patterns of interaction and connection.

He (a man) must become sensitive to the energy flow between different forms of life—the interactive energy between different things that helps define and shape each element—and the interaction that includes them both in the experience of dynamic connectedness and unity of all things.

This relational perspective should help shape man’s personal view of parenting as a dynamic relationship of a father and son’s love for one another, the husband and wife’s love for one another, the Church and Christ’s love for one another, and for everyone’s love for one another, where there’s perfect unity in difference, and one which is infinitely fruitful.

Fatherhood is such that makes every man become a living witness to the Creator’s design for marriage and family—in what was a union in love and mutual self-donation in welcoming new life as a fruit and sign of love for one another—every single day of his life. He must encounter love, experience and make it his own, and to participate intimately in it.

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