The importance of diversity in education for our kids

Nathaniel colors a flower illustration in the book.

Since each child has different level of needs, interests, and ways of learning, there must be a school that offers a variety of educational approaches. It is about creating a system that, instead of trying to fit young children into some standardized school, has a school to fit every child in the community where they belong. The same thing should best apply to teachers as well as, actually and in fact, there’s no single best school for every teacher.

The fact that human beings are so extraordinarily diverse, it has become increasingly important for every community to develop such a differing program which, in turn, frees up teachers to facilitate this process as well. Teachers are empowered when they’re allowed to try new things, meet new needs, and so on and so forth. In the case with young children with divergent learning styles or special needs, such an approach would be the key in building diversity into the system, allowing a school system to be responsive to different needs, on the part of both teachers and kids.

But what if such a method is not yet available in the community where these children live? If that’s the case, then it’s the parents’ initiative to fill in the void for that matter. It is important for parents to know of the fact that getting an education is not limited to what was being taught in schools alone, but what one would be learning outside of it as well. Each child must be taught in a case to case basis, being that parents are the ones who know very well the every little facet of their kids’ personality.

In fact, the notion that the school could be hermitically sealed and could do it without the parents is an illusion. Education should be a system that empowers individuals, where there are no unworthy seekers of knowledge, and that parents play a significant role in which they could forge ties in their children’s schools.

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