The importance of helping the child to learn who his or her parents are while the child is learning who he or she is

Every time you interact with your child is an opportunity for you to learn who you are, who your child is, and how you could best meet his or her needs.

Whether you like it or not, as your child grows up, he or she is more than capable of engaging in the process of becoming his or her own person because of a remarkable built-in potential he or she has had since birth. His experience would enable him or her to develop the ability to store the image of his or her parents in his or her mind. He or she would continue to explore the world with a new purpose.

It is important for you to know that in his or her pursuit of something new he or she doesn’t leave the past behind. The experiences he’s or she’s had in previous stages are part of him or her forever.

You should be there to provide structure by allowing your child to express all of himself or herself and by way of teaching appropriate form of self-expression.

With the birth of your baby, it changes your life forever. You would no longer be looking after your own personal interests, but in the interest of giving your child the best foundation possible. You would be changing what needs to, like your sleeping and eating schedules as well as your other usual habits like watching television et cetera.

There are times when you try to resist these changes, but, then, as you tried to ponder on the fact about considering the degree of influence you have over your baby’s growing brain, and the short interval of the first two or three years it takes to form that brain, you made up your mind by realizing what a privilege it was to be such a positive force in your child’s life.

Upon seeing the incremental growth in your infant, each passing day, you would know that all your efforts were worth any temporary loss of sleep or other changes in your life. You would learn, eventually, that what helps shape the neurological connections of infants who are later seen as smart, capable, and competent, are the environmental engineering as well as the direct input from the parents.

The choices of routines you’re going to establish with your baby from day one, and the effect of these routines on your baby’s future is of the utmost importance. You could give your child as much a variety of stimulating experiences as you want.

Unlike most teachers who learn their craft through training and experience, a new parent with a firstborn child has the benefit of neither. You would need no training manual. But you must learn what you could from the experience itself.

Every time you interact with your child is an opportunity for you to learn who you are, who your child is, and how you could best meet his or her needs. And as your child gets older, you would learn through trial and error when to press a point, when to express a personal opinion, and when to let your child come to his or her  own conclusions and learn from his or her own mistakes.

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